Scientific Studies By  Various Organisations

Major Refrences

  • Palaeochannels of North West India

Remnants of once active rivers or streams are described as palaeochannels. Some of the channels lie buried under the cover of younger sediments. They are parts of misfit rivers and streams representing channels abandoned by migrating rivers as they shift their courses and cut new ones. In the context of prevalent dryness over larger swathes of our country and the exponentially growing need of water for a variety of purpose, the palaeochannels hold good promise as rich repositories of ground water. For, they are proven as a dependable source of supply in many parts of the world….. Read More

  • Scientific, Archaeological, Indological Studies on Sarasvati River And Its Heritages By Various Organisation, Institutions & Government Departments

Establishing the exact course of the mighty river Sarasvati, causes of its disappearance, sentimental attachment of the people in the area, archaeological, geological, hydrological and mineralogical importance of the sacred river has led to the involvement of various agencies in the research work….. Read More