Golden Cradle of Human Civilization

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PavaKa Nah Saraswati VaajebhiRVaGiNivatiYadnyanmVaShtuDhiyaVsu- RigVeda

This sukta written in the praise of Saraswati River elaborates as
The one who purifies, bestows infinite Knowledge, Strength, Prosperity
and Intellect to her devotees or to one who performs the yadnya.

The earliest mention of Saraswati is as a Part of Trinity Saraswati – Lakshmi -Parvati to help the and Bramha – Vishnu – Maheshto creat maintain andregenerate the universe. Then comes the legendary story of Lord Indra and Vritra (dragon) who trapped all the water of world, he was slayed by Indra and then the heavenly flow of the river started.Every aspect of the river’s life, right from its birth to its journey down the Himalayas and over the plains towards the SindhuSagara ( Arabian Sea), have found mention in one religious text or other, like Rigveda, Yajurveda, Atharvaveda, Brahmana literature, Manusmriti, Mahabharata and the Puranas

But What was it that lead to the Name “Saraswati ” to this mystical flow of heavenly water ?
Saraswati is the Vedic Goddess of
Eternal Knowledge , Music , Art , Wisdom and Nature.

This River bed had abundance and provided its habitants with everything it needed.It gave knowledge of every kind. With the scripts such as 4 Vedas shows the enormity of understanding great things in such a simple manner.
It covers everything right from the Cosmology,Archery (dhanurveda), Architecture,
Music n celestial dance (gandharvaVeda), Ayurveda (mediciene ) and many more.
The detailed script mentioned in all the 4 vedas are as a Mother feeds her baby, showing the spiritual connection of the inhabitants with the almighty.
Goddess Saraswati is often depicted with Hansa (swan) which symbolises spiritual perfection, transcendence and Moksha- the ultimate aim of a soul.
With all the things required for a human life and after – fulfilled at the banks of this river it was only perfect to be named as Saraswati. Here flourished a civilization thousands of years ago which was much more advanced and liberal called
Saraswati River Civilization.

The Mostsignificant Impact this discovery has that it proves the existence of Vedic literature to be true. For centuries the Vedic literature were believedto be imaginary scripts or Mythical. This gives us a meaningful insight on the knowledge and teachings of Vedic life. Vedas were which praise Vast and flourished Saraswati civic society is actually the practical and day to day implementation of Vedic teachings. The world stands witness to the Glory of “Saraswati – Vedic Civilization ”
The people wereintegrated and the Earth was their Mother Land. This is where the Phrase‘ VasudaivaKutumbakam ’ (vasudaiva – whole world/ Kutumbaka- one family) and the word ‘matrubhuni’ (matru-mother /bhumi-earth) find their spiritual origin. Every Individual was entrusted with their duties and was brought up accordingly. The Ashrams and YagnyaKundams show evidences about the ritual worship practiced by the ancient inhabitants. Most learnings and teachings were being passed from generation to the next orally and practically. When it comes to VEDAsWhat we have are the dates when literature was formed the orientation of that knowledge is still unknown.
We know is that the Religious beliefs and teachings have always been the most vital part of Vedic life and culture. The impingement that Saraswati had can still be traces to different religion and regions of the World. As the river changed many course during its life time of thousands of years, and eventually started to decline between 5000-3000BC before vanishing between 2200-1800BC the people started migrating. With them travelled their Gods and Goddesses. One such goddess is Saraswati.
Saraswati – Vedic Goddess Knowledge-Art-Music-Intellect Continues her form (depicted holding lute) in culture towards the east from Nepal-Burma-Thai-Chinese and even Japanese.

Thai Culture – Suratsawadi or Saratswadi,
Burmese Culture – Thurathadi orTipitakaMedaw ,
Chinese Culture–Biancaitian ,
Japanese Culture–Benzaiten

A Detail study is needed to identify the travel path as it might reveal some of the greatest links yet unknown to us. We can clearly see a pattern in this nomenclature in the Asian Subcontinent.

In other cultures Female Goddess have been depicted or worshiped for seeking similar blessings. They are as follows:

Egyptians – Seshat (sesha-sesheta) goddess of reading writing arithmetic and architecture and Librarian for the Library of Gods.
Mesopotamian–Bekkior Ticketian goddess of writing, learning and the base of all Knowledge yet unknown.
Greek – Athena Goddess of wisdom, warfare, civilization, strength, strategy, crafts, and justice. This description fits exactly to Vedic Description suggesting the first settlement after moving out of this society.
Roman – Minerva equivalent to Greek goddess Athena.
Etruscans– Menrwa – Goddess of Wisdom, Art, Health and War.
Persian – Anahita (Adedvi Sura Anahita) Goddess or Water, Wisdom, Healing and Fertility.

I am pretty sure that there is come connection in between all these and will show us the true history of the know worlds if studied on the similar path. It is not just The Holy Water that flows here, it is the stream of Global Human Civilization. As science is slowly going towards Vedas and its teachings – So is the needs for the world to start searching the root of their own culture. I am very sure Saraswati River – its Civilization Will prove to be the Silver Line that connects all the dots, and one day in peace and harmony it will bring all back to their Golden Cradle.