Dr. S. Kalyanaraman


  • Hooded serpent hypertext signifies phaṇi ‘lead or zinc’, paṇi ‘merchant, market’  By : Dr. S. Kalyanaraman

Sindhu-Sarasvati (Bhārati) Script cipher is logo-semantic representation of hypertexts using rebus principle to represent Meluhha image words and substantive meanings related to wealthcreation activities. Thus, the cipher protocol is HTTP, hypertext transfer protocol which is explained by Vātsyāyana as mlecchita vikalpa (Meluhha cipher) in Vidyāsamuddeśa which lists 64 arts including three related to semantics: akṣara muṣṭika kathanam (wrist-finger narrative), desabhāṣā jñānam (knowledge of dialects) and mlecchita vikalpa (cipher-writing)….. Read More

  • Meluhha hieroglyph dāma ‘rope’ rebus dhama ‘bellows’  By : Dr. S. Kalyanaraman

Blacksmith artificers blow gaggarī ‘blacksmiths’ bellows’, the forge in over two thousand settlements along Sarasvatī river basin; hence vernacular name of river is kammāra gaggarī ‘blacksmith’s bellows’. Working with bellows is the principal wealth-creation activity of the people of metalwork guild in the settlements. Indus Script Corpora wich is Meluhha repository of metalwork along the riverbasin, justifies the name. Gaggarī ‘blacksmith’s bellows’ may give the name gaggar to the river (Sarasvati) A synonym for this word is dhma, dhama. Dhamaka means a ‘blacksmith blowing the forge’….. Read More

  • Sarasvati Script Rosetta stones from Daimabad, a chalcolithic culture on Pravara river basin  By : Dr. S. Kalyanaraman

This monograph demonstrates that these five hypertexts are read rebus in Sarasvati Script Cipher of Meluhha words which signify metalwork, metalworkers and seafaring merchants/artisans. Daimabad archaeological evidence establishes the continuum of Sarasvati Civilization in parts of Bhāratam, south of the Vindhyas in what are characterised as ‘chacolithic’ cultures of Maharashtra and Western Bhāratam….. Read More

  • Sarasvati-Sindhu Script Decipherment as repository of economic prosperity of Ancient India   By : Dr. S. Kalyanaraman

Sindhu-Sarasvati Script is also a continuum of Bhāratiya Sprachbund i.e. a commonwealth of languages spoken in India (including Austro-Asiatic languages) where unique linguistic features and vocabularies were absorbed from one another to give rise to the Sprachbund that facilitated economic cooperation leading to prosperity. Indian Lexicon….. Read More

  • Itihāsa of अष्टाश्रि yupa signifies धन, यज्ञो वै मेधः, सोमं धनस्य सोमिनो मह्यं ददातु सोमिनः (Śri Suktam)  By : Dr. S. Kalyanaraman

Visakha is the second most important of the eight varistha-gopis. Her attributes, activities and resolve are all much like those of her friend Lalita. Visakha was born at the exact same moment as her dear friend, Srimati Radharani, appeared in this world. Visakha’s garments are decorated with stars and her complexion is like lightning, being cream-colored with a tinge of red (gaurangi). She is 14 years, 2 months and 15 days in age….. Read More